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Construction Products


At Theriot Mortgage Group – First United Bank we can help you with your dream of building or renovating your dream home.

What options does TMG offer for constructing a home?

For a new construction, Theriot Mortgage offers two different programs:

  • Interim Financing of the construction loan followed by a permanent mortgage
  • One-Time-Close mortgage that combines the interim mortgage with a permanent mortgage GP Theriot can help you determine which product works best for you.

What options does TMG have for renovating your current home?

When renovating your home, TMG can combine the One-Time-Close product mentioned above with a refinance of your existing loan balance to allow for you to include renovations costs in a first lien mortgage.

Theriot Mortgage Group also offers true home improvement loans that are typically 2nd liens designed to cover the costs of renovating your home. This product is done through the Bank Commercial Loan Officers.

What makes TMG different from other banks offering construction financing?

At Theriot Mortgage Group – First United Bank we offer all of the expertise of the construction process within the Mortgage Group along with very competitive products. From the beginning stages of approving the home project to the final stage of converting or modifying your construction loan into a permanent mortgage, the same Construction Lending Division handles your loan.

This creates a consistent experience from the beginning to the end and sets TMG apart from the competition.

Contact GP Theriot today and find out how we can help you build or renovate your dream home!

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